Gli Orti di Giulietta

a passion for
the land

Gli Orti di Giulietta

a passion for
the land


100% Italian

Certified Supply Chain

Gli Orti di Giulietta

Is a brand of O.P. Nordest s.c.a., an organisation of producers that comprises more than 250 farmers, farming businesses and fruit and vegetable cooperatives. The Gli Orti Di Giulietta brand was created to protect, enhance and promote the fruit and vegetable produce typical of the Verona area. To this end, 1992 saw the establishment of the Verona Fruit and Vegetable Producers’ Consortium, which adopted the collective commercial brand name “Gli Orti di Giulietta”. The brand name is associated with the image of a literary character, known and loved worldwide, that is identified with the local area and its landscape, history, culture and traditions.

From Verona
with love

All Gli Orti Di Giulietta products are grown in the province of Verona, an area with a long tradition of producing quality fruit and vegetables. The province of Verona is a living testament to a farming culture that has succeeded in striking a skilful balance between technology and tradition, and between a love of the local area with an open approach to what lies beyond it. This balance has allowed for the development of an impressive range of typical farm crops that deserves to be safeguarded, shared, improved and promoted.

Supply Chain: from the fields to your kitchen

Gli Orti Di Giulietta products are grown with loving care by each individual member farmer. They are then carefully selected in our facilities and packaged in complete safety. Thanks to the painstaking efforts of our specialised hauliers, the products reach your supermarket fresh from the farm, guaranteeing you all the goodness of Verona’s fine fruit and vegetables!


The producers are the heart of our association: 250 farmers and their businesses that entrust their produce to a single supply chain able to provide them with technical support, guaranteeing and making the most of the fruits of their land. Fruit and vegetables grown with care, in compliance with rigorous standards and regulations, to provide a top-quality response to consumers’ demands.
Fruit and vegetables grown with care, in compliance with rigorous standards and regulations, to provide a top-quality response to consumers’ demands.


“Gli Orti di Giulietta” fruit and vegetables are carefully selected and packaged in warehouses that belong to or have an agreement with O.P. Nordest s.c.a. and in companies that follow the same regulations and rules and have a certified internal quality system (IFS/BRC standards or equivalent)


In order to use the brand name, producers must agree to be bound by the supply chain project and agree to undergo the checks carried out by corporate bodies, external companies and public entities, and the brand name can only be used for produce deemed suitable.


O.P. Nordest s.c.a. promotes and sells members’ produce through the Italian and foreign retail chains, as well as through wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, the hotel and catering industry and the food processing industry .
O.P. Nordest s.c.a. also takes care of marketing and logistics, both directly through a dedicated office and indirectly, through selected qualified, specialised partners

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Quality Control

O.P. Nordest s.c.a.’s qualified technical staff play a part in the entire life cycle of GLI ORTI DI GIULIETTA brand products, from the growing process through to market placement, providing support to members both for regular plant care and by verifying the proper application of the eco-compatible procedures established in the regional integrated management regulations, which also provide for specific checks to be carried out by the pertinent regional bodies.
Other tasks performed by O.P. include the construction of new facilities, the selection of the most suitable varieties for replanting, production control and quality assessment of harvests, in order to achieve a general, shared improvement of agronomic techniques and a more effective coordination of production and sales.


O.P. Nordest s.c.a. has always embraced the voluntary certification system, and with the “Gli Orti di Giulietta” brand has sought to identify produce from a certified supply chain, diversifying it from conventional produce. The level of the certifications obtained by our operators and partners is indicative of the serious commitment that goes into guaranteeing consumers’ health first and foremost, as well as the peace of mind of the clients that distribute the products.

Quality that respects the environment

Our love of our land starts from the field. This is why all our products comply with the Veneto Region Integrated Management Regulations, which consist of implementing good agronomic practices to reduce the amount of water and other resources wasted and respecting the earth at every stage of the production process.

  • The Gli Orti Di Giulietta brand was created to identify the best products obtained from a certified supply chain process.
  • Production regulations compliant with good
    farming practices (Global Gap protocol);
  • Use of eco-compatible production methods that
    respect the environment (Veneto Region Integrated Management Regulations);
  • Strict checks conducted on production using appropriate analyses;
  • Packaging and sales regulations (IFS/BRC protocol)

A love of the land and its fruits that goes back a long way

“Gli orti di Giulietta” products are all about:
health, organoleptic qualities, origin, traceability, respect for the environment, compliance with the rules, verification and control.

About O.P. Nordest s.c.a.

This producers’ organisation brings together both farming businesses and fruit and vegetable cooperatives located mostly throughout the provinces of North-East Italy.
O.P. Nordest s.c.a. coordinates, protects, enhances and promotes the typical fruit and vegetables of the Verona area, guaranteeing quality production and processes.
Apples, kiwis, peaches/nectarines, strawberries and vegetables make up the core production, sold under the “Gli Orti di Giulietta” label, which guarantees products obtained thanks to the painstaking care invested by every single farmer, in keeping with the rhythm of nature