Organic crop farming to protect the planet

The organic farming produce sold under the brand name Gli Orti di Giulietta BIO is grown in the province of Verona, an agricultural area with a rich biodiversity.

Gli Orti di Giulietta BIO organic apples

Gli Orti di Giulietta BIO organic apples
are grown in the heart of the Verona area, employing methods that respect the land, avoiding the over-exploitation of natural resources and using natural substances only.
The main varieties grown are Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji e Story Inored.
The apple harvest takes place from August to October, but work in the countryside continues throughout the year, and includes pruning, paying attention to the apple blossom, thinning, irrigation and continual monitoring of the trees.

Protecting our fruit

From damage caused by insects

All our trees are protected with white anti-insect and anti-hail netting. The nets are arranged along each row of trees, and provide mechanical protection both from insects – in particular the codling moth, and also the brown marmorated stink bug – and from the elements.

From hail and frost

We also use netting as protection from hail, while for spring frost, we use a micro-sprinkling system that sprays water on the tops of the trees during the coldest nights, to protect the blossom from the risk of frost, which could have a negative impact on the harvest.

And our land

Our land is naturally exposed to the sun and rich in the nutrients that make the fruit sweet and flavourful.
We preserve biodiversity in the orchard, paying close attention to the pollinators, indispensable allies for the production of our fruit.

Our organic produce

We take care of our apples throughout the year: from blossom through to harvest and packaging. Our 100% cardboard packaging is fully recyclable,
and comes from sustainable forests.

Organic produce: a love for the land and its fruits that goes back a long way